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Dr. Najeeb's Video Lectures [Part 3] 
Dr. Najeeb has been passionately teaching Basic & Clinical Medical Sciences for the last 22 years.
He teaches all the Basic Medical Sciences like Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Histology, Neuro-Sciences, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Immunology, Microbiology and also Internal Medicine.
Dr Najeeb has a video library of more than 400 hours all created by himself. He is regularly recording more video lectures and expanding his video library.
He Strongly Believes: Lasting Knowledge Results from Clear Concepts
As a result, he has spent years developing a proven program that will not only help you achieve higher grades in your examinations, but will also place solid foundations for your on-going medical education.
This program consists of a series of video lectures that explain in detail and help you visualize complex medical concepts, through use of thousands of hand drawn diagrams.
The videos are interactive and fun to watch, so that you don't have to spend hours memorizing!
NOTE: All files have some video lag issues which appeared due to some unknown reason while ripping them from the parent site.But you can easily understand the lectures.Files don't play well with VLC Player, play ok with Media Player Classic or KM Player.
Dr. Najeeb teaches from the absolute basics, so these might not be ideal for someone looking for a quick review for USMLE.Also, the available titles do not cover the entire subject.
Nonetheless, I found these extremely useful for some topics that I had found difficult during medical school.I listen to them with KM Player at 1.5x (or more) speed to save time.
For more on his teaching style, check out his sample videos at youtube
Some titles are duplicated in two or more subjects (Example Receptors & Intracellular Signaling in both Pharmacology & Endocrine Physiology ), but these have not been duplicated in the torrent parts.
The order in which to watch these videos can be determined from the Contents file included in Part 1 of the series.
Topics covered in Part 3 
Cardiac Cycle 1
Cardiac Cycle 2
Myocardial Contractility 1
Myocardial Contractility 2
Myocardial Contractility 3
Myocardial Contractility 4
Cardiac Output 1
Cardiac Output 2
Cardiac Output 3
Cardiac Output 4
Heart Sounds & Murmurs 1
Heart Sounds & Murmurs 2
Heart Sounds & Murmurs 3
Heart Sounds & Murmurs 4
Heart Sounds & Murmurs 5
Jugular Venous Pulse & Pressure (J.V.P) 1
Jugular Venous Pulse & Pressure (J.V.P) 2
Electro-Physiology of Heart 1
Electro-Physiology of Heart 2
E.C.G (EKG) 1
E.C.G (EKG) 2
E.C.G (EKG) 3
E.C.G (EKG) 4
Cardiac Arrhythmias (Basic Concepts) 1
Cardiac Arrhythmias (Basic Concepts) 2
Cardiac Arrhythmias (Basic Concepts) 3
Hypertension 1
Hypertension 2
Hypertension 3
Hypertension 4
Atherosclerosis 1
Atherosclerosis 2
Atherosclerosis 3
Atherosclerosis 4
Atherosclerosis 5
Aneurysms 1
Aneurysms 2
Aortic Dissection
Marfan Syndrome
Cardiac Tumors
Vascular Tumors 1
Vascular Tumors 2
Vascular Tumors 3
Vasculitis 1
Vasculitis 2
Vasculitis 3
Vasculitis 4
Endocarditis 1
Endocarditis 2
Pericarditis 1
Pericarditis 2
Ischemic Heart Disease (I.H.D) 1
Ischemic Heart Disease (I.H.D) 2
Ischemic Heart Disease (I.H.D) 3
Ischemic Heart Disease (I.H.D) 4
Ischemic Heart Disease (I.H.D) 5
Ischemic Heart Disease (I.H.D) 6
Ischemic Heart Disease (I.H.D) 7
Ischemic Heart Disease (I.H.D) 8
Ischemic Heart Disease (I.H.D) 9
Rheumatic Fever
Mitral Stenosis 1
Mitral Stenosis 2
Mitral Stenosis 3
Mitral Stenosis 4
Mitral Prolapse & Mitral Regurgitation 1
Mitral Prolapse & Mitral Regurgitation 2
Aortic Regurgitation 1
Aortic Regurgitation 2
Aortic Stenosis
Tricuspid & Pulmonary Valve Disease
Cardiomyopathies 1
Cardiomyopathies 2
Cardiomyopathies 3
Cardiac Failure 1
Cardiac Failure 2
Cardiac Failure 3
Cardiac Failure 4
Cardiac Failure 5
Congenital Heart Diseases 1
Congenital Heart Diseases 2
Congenital Heart Diseases 3
Congenital Heart Diseases 4
Congenital Heart Diseases 5
Congenital Heart Diseases 6
Gametogenesis & Oogenesis
Fertilization 1
Fertilization 2
Development up to 2nd Week 1
Development up to 2nd Week 2
Development up to 3rd Week (Trileminar Disc) 1
Development up to 3rd Week (Trileminar Disc) 2
Development up to 3rd Week (Trileminar Disc) 3
Development of Placenta 1
Development of Placenta 2
Musculo Skeletal Development 1
Musculo Skeletal Development 2
Musculo Skeletal Development 3
Development of Vascular System 1
Development of Vascular System 2
Development of Vascular System 3
Development of Vascular System 4
Fetal Circulation
Development of Nervous System 1
Development of Nervous System 2
Nephrotic & Nephritic Syndrome 1
Nephrotic & Nephritic Syndrome 2
Glomerulornephritis (Basic Concepts) 1
Glomerulornephritis (Basic Concepts) 2
Glomerulornephritis (Basic Concepts) 3